Joint & muscle pain

Our expert Chiropractors here at the clinic have a full understanding of the working of every joint in the body.

Your practitioner will carry out a full examination to find out whether the pain you experience in, for example, your elbow, knee or ankle, may in fact be ‘referred’ from your spine, another joint or group of muscles. This is because the irritation of the nerve in one area can sometimes lead to pain, known as ‘referred’ pain, in other parts of the body.

While there is often a spinal component to a problem, your chiropractor may also manipulate your joints or massage and stretch your muscles to help reduce pain and muscle spasm caused by injury, inflammation, poor posture, wear and tear, or other factors which have led to your symptoms.

The joints of the hands, ankles and feet are also susceptible to problems, and in all cases, your chiropractor will make a full examination and diagnosis before treating you in the most appropriate way. You may also be advised to do specific exercises to help you regain strength and flexibility, even if you have arthritis.

Until quite recently, patients with pain due to osteoarthritis were advised to rest. However, now it is recognised that movement helps to reduce the pain by relieving pressure on the joints, and by improving flexibility in the surrounding muscles.

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